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The Dude

1.009 Patch Released (447 MB)

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Change list 1.008 – 1.009


1. MAIN: Flight recording, playback and editing system now active.

2. MAIN: Input commands may now be defined in game.

3. MAIN: Joystick axis response curves may now be tuned in game.

4. MAIN: Campaigns list added and training campaign relocated there. More campaigns are to come in future updates.

5. MAIN: Mods On/Off game mode added. In Mods Off mode, game is protected against customization of any packed data. In Mods On mode, users are able to customize most of the game data files.

6. MAIN: Any building on the map can now be destroyed (except objects of cultural heritage).

7. MAIN: Mission format was changed. We’re supposing that it is now finalized for any future RoF 1.0xx versions.

8. MAIN: Winter terrain added. Users can now create winter missions in the mission editor. Several default missions now are set during the winter season.

9. MAIN: Military river ships added.

10. MULTIPLAYER: Server traffic limitation control added to the game settings.

11. MULTIPLAYER: Player now able to choose and change his side in planes list screen before each mission in rotation.

12. GRAPHICS: Forest draw distance now adjustable in the game settings.

13. GRAPHICS: Terrain mesh detail distance now adjustable in the game settings.

14. GRAPHICS: New technology of the sky dome rendering (horizon and clouds color was corrected).

15. GRAPHICS: Night time now supported by the graphics engine, moonlight added.

16. GRAPHICS: Smoke plumes now affected by the wind.

17. SOUND: Wind sound volume now increases when pilot head moves out from behind windshield.

18. GUI: Improved GUI design.

19. GUI: In-game menu was separated into “Exit Menu” (which may be open by pressing the ESC key, it contains only exit functions) and “Widgets menu” (which may be open by pressing the Right Mouse Button, it contains game widgets controls).

20. GUI: Dynamic mission loading screen added.

21. GUI: “Register New Account”, “Get Trial Account”, “Remember My Password”, “Remember My Login” functions added to the login screen.


1. GRAPHICS: Stuttering was significantly reduced (excluding plane spawn pause).

2. GRAPHICS: Performance fall-off when flying near a tank battle was significantly reduced.

3. GRAPHICS: Depth of Field effect was tuned for all planes.

4. SOUND: Sound balance was changed (hit sound volume increased, external sounds volume decreased for cockpit view).

5. AI PLANE: Fokker Dr.I, DFW C.V and Breguet 14.B2 no longer lose their wings while maneuvering (if not damaged).

6. AI PLANE: Planes no longer open bomb bay doors during air combat.

7. PLANE: Сlimb rate for Fokker D. VII and Pfalz D. XII was increased.

8. PLANE: Climb rate and maximum speed of horizontal flight for the Albatros D. III and Albatros D. Va was extended.

9. PLANE: Maximum speed in horizontal flight for the SPAD XIII was increased.

10. PLANE: Maximum speed in horizontal flight for the Pfalz D. IIIa was reduced.

11. PLANE: Climb rate for the Fokker Dr.1 was reduced at high altitudes.

12. PLANE: The heat balance of cooling systems for the Albatros D. III and Albatros D. Va was adjusted (the engine now heats up more slowly).

13. PLANE: The heat balance of the engine compartment for the Fokker Dr.1 was adjusted (the engine now gets hotter).

14. PLANE: Increased strength of the wings for the Sopwith Dolphin.

15. PLANE: Lessened the strength of the upper wing for the Sopwith Camel.

16. PLANE: Fixed links in DM at wings box destruction of the Sopwith Camel.

17. PLANE: Fixed errors of chassis destruction for the Fokker Dr.1, SE5a, Sopwith Camel and Sopwith Dolphin (it was impossible to lose wheel before).

18. PLANE: Fixed flutter-caused damaging for the Fokker Dr.1 (now ailerons, elevators and rudder become damaged first).

19. PLANE: Fixed too-high precision of the automatic mixture mode for Sopwith Dolphin (more coarse now).

20. PLANE: Fixed logic that handles the inductive coil and the magneto switch in the cockpit (does not react to Blip Switch and engine failure).

21. GUI: Players counter now works correctly on the server list screen.

22. GUI: Numerous mistypes were fixed.

23. 3D: Disappearing of wheels axis after one wheel was lost fixed for Pfalz D.IIIa.

24. 3D: S.E.5a oil pressure gauge fixed.

25. 3D: Sopwith Camel engine cover geometry corrected.

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