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Getting back into IL-2: What mods work with what?

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I'm in the process of reinstalling IL-2 1946, and a lot of the associated payware add-ons.

For DGEN payware add-ons (I'm not worried about static campaigns), I have BoE, TLD, and Ostfront, and I use EnjoyRPatch to sync them with the freeware DGEN campaigns as well.

I was looking at installing Ultr@Pack 2.0, and I was wondering if there are any updates to DGEN or the DGEN campaign files that would break the existing BoE+TLD+Ost EnjoyRPatch lineup.

Additionally, does anyone have recommendations for Mod-enhanced campaigns that will work with the setup above?

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I may have found the answer to my own question:

The Fusion Pack includes the UP20m as well as the above campaigns I was concerned about keeping, and apparently it can switch between mod versions for online compatibility.

Any good gouge on this pack?

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UP v2 plus the v2 patch is da bomb :thumbsup:

It comes with Zuti's Moving Dogfight server which is the best thing since flight sims were first invented.

Can't say enough good things about it. :)

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