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The Flanker2 Forum Archive is currently buried within CombatSim.com and not easy to find, so here's a place to post directions to its location--the last post within this topic may contain more current info.

There's about 2,000 topics in the CombatSim Flanker 2.0 Forum Archive from years 1999 to 2002, and each topic has any number of posts. It seems that forum ended when CombatSim started charging a fee to post to the forum (it's free now though). At that time, WinME was the modern operating system and Flanker 2.5 was just being released. There's also a Flanker 2.5 Forum Archive separately maintained at SimHQ that has 1,000 topics from years 2000 to 2006 . The search button for that archive is at the top right corner, and you need to specify a valid date range for your search. Both SimHQ and CombatSim allow you to search their archives without having to log in. SimHQ doesn't have an active Flanker2 forum. Here are links to both forum archives:

CombatSim Flanker 2.0 Forum Archive

SimHQ Flanker 2.5 Forum Archive

Below is more information about the (older) CombatSim archive.

After you arrive at the CombatSim Flanker 2.0 Archived Forum,

you can search there using the small "Search" link above the list of topics,

above the list of pages, above the "Show all topics" drop-down selection box.

Here's how I last found the CombatSim Flanker 2.0 Archived Forum:

On the main page of CombatSim.com, don't click the Forum tab

(that's for the active forums, like this one).

Instead, go to the first section titled "Departments".

There are two major headings there--go to "Classic Simulation Reviews".

There are about 30 entries there--go to "Forum Archive" (last entry).

There are about 8 major headings there--go to "Game Discussions (Title-specific)".

There are about 23 entries there--go to "Flanker 2.0".

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