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Flanker 2.51 on Windows 7


Flanker 2.51 on Windows 7?  

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  1. 1. Can Flanker 2.51 run on Windows 7?

    • Runs great for me.
    • Runs fine, but tracks do not play back correctly (see first post below).
    • Runs, but only after installation (not portable).
    • Runs, but then I can not switch Windows Applications.
    • Runs, but without sound.
    • Runs but sometimes freezes/crashes/disapears (crashes to Windows Desktop).
    • Runs but always freezes/crashes/disapears (crashes to Windows Desktop).
    • Will not even start (see exerpt at bottom of first post below).
    • Breaks Windows 7 (requiring re-boot).
    • Depends... (please post anything informative)
    • No good answer is listed here.

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It is now free and easy to join CombatSim and become a member. Apparently you need to be a member to vote in their polls. Joining also allows you to post comments below. Please join if necessary to share your experience with others, or to request information.

Note that while Flanker 2.51 may run reliably on Windows Vista and later Windows Operating Systems, this doesn't mean that all of the Training Tacks will run exactly the way that they were intended to run. Sometimes small differences in the way the Training Tracks run on different operating systems gradually result in different outcomes near the end of the Training Track. Most notably, in Air-to-Air Combat (between two or more aircraft), the adversary may slip away and maneuver behind you and blow you up. Or you may crash. In either case, you know something isn't right, but usually by that time you have already viewed a demonstration of the basic concepts of the Training Track. Any remaining narration is still heard.

What is most important is whether or not you can reliably fly your aircraft in Flanker v2.51, or does the Flanker application crash to the Windows Desktop, freeze up, and/or disable the Windows Operating System requiring a reboot? If you can fly your aircraft without these major problems and with sound, and you can switch back and forth between Flanker and other Windows Applications without loosing any Flanker features, then I would say that Flanker "runs" on your computer, with your hardware and your Windows Operating System.

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