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I think around 2001 CombatSim started requiring a paid subscription to post in the Flanker2 Forum. That was when Flanker 2.5 was just being released. Before that, there was a thriving Flanker2 Forum here. I don't know when CombatSim stopped requiring a paid subscription to post here, but i joined in 2009 and wasn't required to pay. Now that the FrugalsWorld website has disapeared, it seems to me that the only English-language active Flanker2 forum on the Internet is here at CombatSim. Please correct me if i'm wrong. If you enjoy Flanker2, i encourage you to post your requests here, especially if you have already searched the archived forums for an answer (see previous post for location of archives). Flanker2 is international software, so it is OK with me if you butcher the English language (i'm Irish). Give English your best shot, then try to include a copy of your post in your own language. Readers can then use Google Translate to help determine your meaning.

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Combatsim has been free since March 18th, 2005.

SimHQ has a LO:MAC forum, but I'm not sure if that's what you were looking for.

You are more than welcome to start a Flanker 2 community here.


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