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Finnish Air War for EAW 1.28d released!

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Finnish Air War (FAW)

Main feautres:

* FAW Manager Program (FAWMan.exe) which automatically changes the frontlines and other files according to the date.

* 41 different aircraft types and variants with individual engine sounds are included.

* Realistic flight- and damage models EAWrp2.6V10.

* 3 different campaigns: Winter War 1939-1940 Continuation War 1941-1944 The Summer 1944 Soviet offensive: May 14, 1944 - September 4, 1944.

* 44 careers are available: 25 Finnish, 3 German and 39 for The Soviet Union.

* Careers with 56 historical missions.

* 32 different frontlines cover the three campaigns.

* A new world with airbases and targets accurately placed.

* 4 terrain sets are included: summer, autumn, winter and hard winter.

* Ground forces with trenches, artillery and bunkers that follow the frontline movements.

* War damage will show after the heavy battles at the Karelian Isthmus.

* Simple and easy set-up procedure.

Improvements in the 1.28d version:

* FAW updated to fully work with 1.28d.

* New flyable planes in Finnish single missions: Blenheim IV, Ju 88A, Hurricane I.

* New flyable planes in Soviet single missions: Douglas A-20.

* New Ju 87 HR cockpit by Sera.

* New Hard winter terrain with frozen sea.

* New ground objects that were needed for 1.28d: Finnish fuel truck and Finnish open truck.

* Ju 87 error in planes.dat corrected: The ammo count was zero, so the guns wouldnt fire.

* Many minor skin and 3dz improvements for the planes.

* Individually engine sounds for all planes.

* Improved FAW Manager that use the new folder system in EAW. Autumn terrain is now automatically loaded.

* All needed files for German Career/Single missions are now included in FAW.

* War damage will show up automatically at historically accurate places and will increase over time.

* Battle area targets that will show up around the frontline to give more realism.

* Improved campaign files to give better campaign play.

* More Winter hangar screens included.

* Some files were accidentally left out of FAW 1.02 and they are now included: Knugs cardpack and a winter skin for the Castle.

F19 Gladiator shot down while attacking TB-3 bombers near Taivalkoski.


Fierce ground battle on the Karelian Isthmus during the Winter War.


LLv26 Gladiators patrolling over the frontline.


5IAP KBF Hurricane IIs taking of from the Kasimovo airfield in the summer of 1942.


MS 406 from LeLv 28 shooting down a Soviet Hurricane II in the winter 1942.



LeLv26 Hurricane Is on patrol over the Gulf of Finland in the winter 1943.


It was a lot more work updating FAW than I originally thought. ;)

Whenever I was close to be finished a new EAW.exe was released and more work was needed, but since the new exes all had important improvements it was worth the extra work. :)

A Big thanks goes to the guys in the EAW Code group that made the 1.28d FAW update possible, especially to:

Knegel, MrJelly and Crashin' Jack.

And the update had never been possible without the handy editors and the FAW Manager by MrJelly!

I made the FAW update myself, but some other peoples work was included, please check the readme file for details.

Thanks to all that have contributed! :thumbsup:

FAW is now available for download on the FAW page on my site.




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