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Just trying something

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Mother-in-law visiting by any chance? :D

Not till after Cole is born. Naw, just had the head ache and I can't get rid of it. Makes living a little rough.

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Vitamin I


Although, please don't take that as medical advice. I am neither a doctor nor a vice.

Er? Whatever.

Yeah, the only thing that kills my headaches is Ibuprofen....

Mind you... if you've had a headache for several days, do you have any gas burning appliances in the house (e.g. furnace, water heater, stove). If so, you may want to check the chimney flues. Or, if you are sittin' in a vehicle at work all day that is left idling.. that can get you too.

I was having headaches for a while and it turned out to be low-grade carbon monoxide poisoning. Improperly vented gas stove. My fault, but there you go.

Something to consider.

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