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I think you might be able to use a PCI-E card and still use the AGP calls, so AFAIK you're still wide open. I've tested the D3D version with PCI-E cards ranging from nvidia 6800, 7950GX2, and 9600.

That said, I would avoid ATI right now. Their latest drivers break Directdraw, and plenty of people have issues with the TAW 2D menus (i.e. crash/reboot), and even with Age of Empires I and II. Unfortunately, the latest ATI cards require the drivers that break DDraw.

The latest nVidia drivers run TAW just fine, and if you keep XP you can disable the AGP Texture Acceleration using dxdiag, which should fix the CTD when using the F12 view.

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SLI powaaa

Well I had SLI and didn't really think the gain that I got was worth the purshase of 2 cards. Gone back to a single card which easily matches the performance of my dual SLI.

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SLI does work with TAW using dgVoodoo, though. It's pretty nice, though I'm back to a single card myself. I may go SLI when I get a few more $$.

Oh yes it certain worked well with my TAW, but I'd expected double the performance with 2 cards. How nieve was I ..... :unsure:

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