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Tales of woe and scratched CDs

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I'm encouraged to see so much support for "oldie but goodie" software.

I've just come back to flight sims after a few years MMORPG'ing.

I can get EAW to run on my old laptop (XP SP3, P4 3.06GHz, Radeon Mobility IGP 9000) but only in Typical Install.

This then stops me from patching past Ver 1.2 from the CD ROM

Full Install won't go on, I think, because of a scratch on the CD ROM.

The file "WSPRITES.CDF" won't copy across.

My desktop (Vista Premium 32, Core2Duo 2.66GHz, Radeon HD4850) won't run EAW for the same reason.

I can't run the latest patches because of the corrupted file.

Can anyone out there help me get a good copy of the WSPRITES.CDF file please?

At least I can run EAW on the old laptop but I'd love to see it in it's full glory if I could.

BoB:WOV 2 looks great on the big screen.

Five more days till Wings of Prey gets released over here in the UK :rolleyes:

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Scratched CD?

Get yourself a can of either Brasso or Silvo liquid polish. You can buy it at any grocery store. I use Silvo.


Now do this:

  1. Place your CD on an old towel. The bigger the towel, the better. Tip: Moisten the towel slightly to give it some grip ... you'll need it to stay put during the polishing.
  2. Shake the can vigorously for a minute or two
  3. Open the can and place it on your towel (you do NOT want to spill this stuff!)
  4. Take an old cotton T-shirt and wad up a section of it to make a polishing pad (make sure the pad area doesn't have silk-screened images or any other printing that might scratch your CD!)
  5. Place your polishing pad over the opening on the can and invert the can to get some polish on the cloth.
  6. Cover the business side of your scratched CD with the polish. Spread it around so there's just a thin film of the polish.
  7. Let the polish dry to a white-ish haze
  8. Using a clean area on your cotton T-shirt, polish the CD by moving back and forth from the middle hole out to the edge in straight lines, like the spokes on a bicycle wheel. Press fairly hard. You want to press hard enough so the polish can smooth the scratches, but not so hard that you crack the CD.
  9. Finish off with a light buffing to remove any remaining haze and try your CD again.

I have used this method several times and it works. DO NOT use toothpaste as some suggest --- you'll wreck your CD if you don't have the exact right kind of toothpaste. Brasso is cheap and produces consistently good results.

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Yes I suppose that's worth a try.

It's an axial scratch (the worst kind) and a bit deep but I'll have a go at it.

Acrylic polish can work as well. It fills the scratch with a clear resin with similar density to the disk material.

I got acrylic polish for my motorcycle helmet visor. doesn't always work but it can do the trick sometimes.

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