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my name is brandon im from chicago and i am a younger kid so i dont have much experience. i am trying to develop skills with gmax and i have found out that it is pretty easy to use. anyway

i need people to help with my new aircraft design team

i am starting a CFS3 aircraft design program and i need people to help out. this is a non profit program an you will not get paid, but you will be helping out the cfs3 community. these are the people that i need: please put your user name under the field that you would be help in:

Aircraft construction: this basically making the overall design of the aircraft you will hand the aircraft off the moving parts engineer:

Aircraft paint schemes: you will make the paint schemes that will be displayed on the aircraft

weapon designers: you will design all of the weapons for the aircraft you will had it off to the painter

moving parts engineer: you make all moving part move so you will make the prop, the flaps gear etc.. move you will had the plane off to the weapo9n designer

testers: you will test the planes if problems are found then had the plane to the problem fixer if no problems occur the hand the plane off to the distributor.

problem fixers: you will fix any problems that the tester find in the plane once you fix the problem send the plane back to the testers.

distributer/ internet engineer: the distributer will distribute throiughouy the internet. theintrnt engineer will create a website for the organazation email me at gutrman64 to get what the site must have.

file creator: you will create the files necessary for the plane to run right in the game

i have decided to call the organization flight Sim aviation or fsa if there are any question feel free to email me at gutrman654@aol.com

i hope that this post was a little better once i get more people into the project then we all will work togethre smothing out the esembly line and who does what. so for now please do not critcize how everything is set up i would just like to hear from you if you are interested in helping me out than you and i hope to hear from you.

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