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Differences between difficulty modes

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There is quite a bit of difference from medium to hard in regard to weapon accuracy for both you and the AI. On the hard setting whenever you hear the missile lock warning you better stop whatever you are currently doing and begin missile invasion tactics because if you don't you are going to be hit. With SAMS this is especially true. As for realism, I would suspect that the hard setting is the most realistic given the technology of modern weaponry.

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Hi. I've always flown on medium because I seem to remember reading that hard was unrealistic.

What are the actual differences between difficulty levels?


My understanding is that most flyers use the easy mode. I always found that hard enough for me, although that might explain why the AI are so stupid (bit like me ....... ;) ). I also understand the realistic mode is more than realistic and it would be interested to know if the are many flyers using the same. My novice experience with multi-play indicates that its undertaken in the easy mode, but other more experienced multi-play flyers might wish to verify that.

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