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Magneto´s Cockpits


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OK, i uploaded those files to www.Flanker2.info, no problem.

You can find them on the Site Map there under "Requested Downloads"

or just use this link: Magneto's High Res Cockpits (without English labels)

I tested the download--no viruses.

My Flanker2.info website needs work--it is true.

All the apostrophe's there appear as small squares.

I should call my web host and ask about that problem.

But i just can't seem to get interested in war games lately.

It's the US war in Afghanistan--it really bothers me.

I want US troops out of Afghanistan.

The drones used there usually also kill civilians.

War is almost always unnecessary.

In Afghanistan, the US is protecting its own strategic interests

and a proposed oil pipeline that will pass through Afghanistan.

No more blood for oil!

--Brian Flanagan

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