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This Day in WWII 1 December 1939 – 1945

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camelcigaretteaddec1942.jpg Camel Cigarette Ad - December 1942

1939: The Soviet Union create a puppet Finnish government in Moscow under the leadership of a Finnish communist, Otto Kuusinen, who immediately accedes to the Soviets territorial demands. A Finnish coastal guns at Russarö engage the Russian cruiser Kirov and its screen of destroyers. The Kirov and one destroyer damaged.

annmiller.jpg Ann Miller - YANK Pin-up Girl Jun. 29, 1945

1940: Army Co-operation Command is formed under the command of Air Marshal Sir Arthur Barrett, RAF.

1940: The Italian submarine Argo torpedoes Royal Canadian Navy destroyer Saguenay, killing 21, but not sinking the ship. Saguenay had been escorting an eastbound convoy 300 miles west of Ireland.

bettyannecregan.jpg Betty Anne Cregan - YANK Pin-up Girl Dec. 7, 1945

1941: US-Japanese talks continue, Roosevelt curtails holiday.

1941: Japan's Tojo rejects U.S. proposals for a Pacific settlement as fantastic and unrealistic.

buxtonwalletaddec1942.jpg Buxton Wallet Ad - December 1942

1941: Japan fixes the date of its attack against Pearl Harbor as the 7th December.

1941. Great Britain declares a State of Emergency in Malaya and Hong Kong is put on ‘stand by’.

carolegallagher.jpg Carole Gallagher - YANK Pin-up Girl Feb. 11, 1944

1942: Nationwide gasoline rationing went into effect in the United States.

1942: French admiral Jean Darlan declares himself chief of state of all French territories in Africa. Later in the month, he is assassinated by a man who, it is discovered after the war, is a follower of General de Gaulle.

1942: The Australians take Gona in New Guinea.

mildredcowles.jpg Mildred Cowles - YANK Pin-up Girl (Issue Date Unknown)

1943: The British 10th Corps opens the U.S. Fifth Army's offensive on the Garigliano.

1943: Russian forces isolate the Germans in Crimea and control the northern half of the Dnieper bend.

1943: The Conclusion of the Tehran Conference, with the three Allies in substantial agreement on the division of post-war Germany, the westward movement of the Polish eastern and western frontiers and the summary execution of 50,000 German officers.

eileencoghlan.jpg Eileen Coghlan - YANK Pin-up Girl (Issue Date Unknown)

1944: Princess Elizabeth launches HMS Vanguard, the last and biggest battleship ever built in Britain.

1945: 76 German industrialists who helped Hitler are arrested.

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notice the wallet had no credit card slots..life was a cash business back then!

Credit cards? What are Credit Ca ... oh wait! That's them little plastic thingmies with numbers on 'em that the wife carries and goes shopping with and in 20 days or so I get a bill in the mail for what she bought and I get to send them a check. <_<

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