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Help wanted on CFS 1,2,3 Please guys

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Hi All,

This is probably a long running topic somewhere on this forum, but as a newby here I cant seem to locate it so simple answers would be greatly appreciated folks....

I Upgraded 2 years ago ( if thats the correct phrase, lol) from XP to Vista 32bit, and cant play these great games now, so if there are no mods to allow me to play can you guys recommend a good WW2 CFS, I have just bought a new A TOPGUN FOX PRO2 Joystick and wish to get into combat again (not jets)

cheers everyone

Stee41 :)

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Welcome to the forums.

If you want to fly WWII fighters, then you want IL-2: 1946. It's all you need :)

It has virtually every fighter and bomber you can think of from both the Allied and Axis sides, has excellent flight models and ballistics, great graphics, fun single-player quick missions, longer multi-mission campaigns, fantastic online multiplayer coop, and has some community-made add-ons that take it from the great into the amazing category.

I think "Red" (one of our forum regulars) was able to get IL-2 running on his Vista rig. If you run into problems, he's your guy.

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