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Rare WW2 German Bomber Discovered

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Interesting find. I took a look at all the comments, and can't believe some of them. And the B & W photo of the squadrons of a/c over London is a flypast after the war ended. Where do they get these reporters? But then it's the Daily Muck so I'm not surprised!

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Yeah. Passenger plane. I'm sure no one ever smelled a rat.

Passenger: "Was ist los? Der hugenfucken trappendoor auf droppen aus der flugzug?"

Hostie: "Mein Herr, ist für... catering. Ja. Catering zugang. Mit der trolleys auf schnitzengruben und cognac."

Passenger: "Fünfzehn ist mein Limit für schnitzengruben."


In other news, we don't have enough Germglish around here anymore.

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