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How the newest officer of the Narsilion Council celebrates his promotion

Home Fries

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First of all, a huge round of thanks for the officers who bestowed this honor upon me. I realize that the wetting down is to take place in Bree, but I wanted to celebrate in my own way. Besides, I just picked up this nice keg from Springfest, and that skull doesn't look too ominous...


But then I read the fine print...the bit about drinking that brandy not being my safest of options. But c'mon, I'm a level 60 warden! I can handle my liquor...


...or can I?


Things aren't looking so good right now. I have no idea where I am, and I'm as blotto'd as anybody.

Ok, things are coming into focus...but they still don't look any better!


Geez, that's the last time I'm gonna drink dwarven brandy and end up on top of a statue in Moria looking down at a river of lava and flame!

Now to get out of this predicament. I think I've found a way to get down.


Of course, some orcs must have heard me, because they're waiting for me to come down. Stupid orcs; don't they know not to mess with a level 60 warden who's this hung over?! I'll teach them a lesson for breathing so loud!


And what was that statue anyway?

Thanks again, guys!


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LMAO! Last time I drank from "The Barrel" I wound up on top of Giants Needle in the Misty Mountains. Not as daunting as that place. Course being a level 65 hunter I just mapped my ass out instead of trying to fight my way out. Then again, you could have done the same with your muster skills. Congrats Brother, you deserved the promotion and some recognition.

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