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This Day in WWII 19 April 1940 - 1945


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americanlocomotivefirin.jpg American Locomotive Ad - April 1943

1940: ‘State of Siege’ is extended to the whole of Netherlands.

1941: London receives another heavy pounding by the Luftwaffe.

lindachristian.jpg *Linda Christian

1941: A Brigade from the British 10th Indian Division land at Basra in southern Iraq.

1941: The Germans attack south through Greece on a wide front. The Greek Government agrees that British forces should be evacuated. General Wilson plans to make a strong stand at Thermopylae, to cover the withdrawal of his troops to ports in the Peloponnese.

lindachristian2.jpg Linda Christian

1942: Resistance on Cebu Island ends as the US-Filipino garrison surrenders to the Japanese.

1943: During World War II, tens of thousands of Jews living in the Warsaw Ghetto began a valiant but futile battle against Nazi forces.

lindachristian4.jpg Linda Christian

1945: The British Second Army reaches the Elbe and launches an attack on Bremen. The U.S. First Army captures Leipzig and Halle, 50 miles South of Magdeburg. On the eve of Hitler's 56th birthday, Dr. Goebbels exhorts the nation and predicts that in spite of all misfortunes Germany will yet prevail, that the "perverse coalition between Bolshevism and Plutocracy" is about to break up, and that it is Adolf Hitler ("Our Hitler!") who will still turn back the tide and save Europe, as he has thus far, from falling into the clutches of the Kremlin.

1945: The 1st Belorussian Front finally breaks through the German defenses on the Seelow heights, despite heavy losses in men and tanks (over 400 in two days) and races towards Berlin.

1945: U.S. troops encounter very stiff resistance by the Japanese at ‘Bloody Ridge’ on Ie Island.

lindachristian3.jpg Linda Christian

**Born Blanca Rosa Welter in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, her father was an executive with an important oil company and the future Linda Christian followed him from country to country: South Africa, Romania, Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Palestine. This was beneficial in that the little girl - a very good pupil at school - was eventually able to speak seven different foreign languages. She also turned into a shapely young lady who won a beauty contest. She started studying medicine in Palestine but had to be repatriated to the USA due to the international situation. She landed in Los Angeles and naturally considered a movie career there. She studied drama but got nothing but minor parts for years. She really became famous when she married Tyrone Power and her career somewhat improved. But it is scandal more than her film roles that long made her a favorite of the media, of the celebrity press rather than of specialized movie magazines.

In her youth Christian's only aspiration was to become a physician. After she graduated from secondary school she had a fortuitous meeting with her screen idol Errol Flynn, and was persuaded by him to give up her hopes of joining the medical profession, move to Hollywood, and pursue an acting career. Not long after arriving in Hollywood she was spotted by Louis B. Mayer's secretary at a fashion show in Beverly Hills. He offered, and she accepted, a seven year contract with MGM.

She made her film debut in the 1944 musical comedy "Up In Arms", co-starring Danny Kaye and Dinah Shore. This movie also happened to be Danny Kaye's own first film. This film was followed by "Holiday In Mexico" in 1946, "Captain From Castile" in 1947, and what was perhaps her best-known film, 1948's "Tarzan and the Mermaids".

Linda Christian's fame, however, is derived largely from having wed (and divorced) the popular movie actor Tyrone Power. She and Power are the parents of actress Taryn Power and singer Romina Power, one half of the famous Italian singing duo Al Bano & Romina Power. Christian was later also briefly married to the Rome-based British actor (and movie heartthrob) Edmund Purdom.

Several times Christian and Power were offered the opportunity to work together, but for various reasons each offer was refused or rescinded. The most notable opportunity to co-star with one another came in 1953, when they were offered leading roles in "From Here to Eternity". Power didn't wish to do the film, rejected the offer, and the roles went to Donna Reed and Montgomery Clift, winning Donna Reed an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Christian's autobiography, Linda, was published in 1962.

lockheedsubsmasherapril.jpg Lockheed Ad - April 1943

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