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Just testing an add-on in Firefox that lets me format text.

This is SWEET for the following reasons:

  • It's easy to use
  • This list is being made...
  • automatically!
  • Wow, this really rocks!

I just hilight the text I want to format, right-click and pick the BB Code from the menu. Nice! :lol: (instant smiley addition too!)

Get Mozilla FireFox HERE. Get the BBCODE extension HERE. Heck! It even did those links auto-MAGICALLY!

You know what else is really cool? All FireFox extensions install with one click at the download website. How easy is that?

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Huh, now that is pretty cool. Tell me that it'll let me adjust text size so I can read it all kicked back while drinking a beer and working on skins and I'm pretty much sold. Even though I do so hate new things. ;)

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thanks Doug this is a lot more intuitive than the buttons on the page

THere's some smilies here too but I don't like this one with the wiggly lips. :lol:

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