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I'm Back


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Ok i have dumped all of the other new MMO's as they are are the same repetitive rubbish , so if anyone needs Woodwork weapons leatherwork or cooking done im open for business

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We missed you, Red! Welcome back!

Hammerwulf just hit 65 last weekend, so I'm all about the reforged second age legendaries! I have lots of legendary shards, but only 1 legendary fragment, and I should have enough mithril flakes to create the mithril-infused materials required.

Right now I'm busting heads in Mirkwood, but I'm also eligible for the Vol III (Grey Company) quest line if you want someone to go through that as well. I also have mad guild skillz as a metalsmith, so I can make armor, shields, tools, chisels/rifflers, legendary guardian belts, legendary captain emblems, and runes of might (the graphic is incorrect; I'm actually a 6/5 metalsmith).


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