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This Day in WWII 14 May 1940 - 1945


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tidewaterassociatedadma.jpg VEEDOL Oil Ad - May 1944

1940: The British Secretary of State for War, Anthony Eden calls for volunteers to form the Local defense Volunteers force (LDV).

1940: Admiralty order requires all owners of large boats to send in particulars within two weeks.

1940: German forces break through the French front at Sedan.

annegwynne.jpg Anne Gwynne

1940: British and French aircraft are unsuccessful in destroying the German-built bridges across the Meuse and 50 bombers are shot down by AA fire.

1940: 60 Luftwaffe He-111 bombers not having received the countermanding order attack besieged Rotterdam, devastating the center of the city.

1940: Germans take Rotterdam as the Dutch government arrives in London.

jeffdonnell.jpg Jeff Donnell

1941: Admiral Darlan reports back to Vichy after meeting Hitler and von Ribbentrop. Vichy Cabinet approves German concessions and French counter-concessions unanimously.

1941: British aircraft launch attacks against airfields in Syria which have been put at axis disposal by the Vichy French authorities.

walterkiddecompanyadapr.jpg Walter Kidde Company Ad - April 1944

1941: 3,600 Jews arrested in Paris.

1941: Large Royal Navy and Royal Air Force reinforcements arrive in Singapore.

juliereding2.jpg Julie Reding

1942: The U.S. Congress establishes The Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC), under the direction of Oveta Culp Hobby, editor of the Houston Post.

1942: The British Army, in retreat from Burma, reach India.

marilynjohnson1.jpg Marilyn Johnson

1943: The U.S. 8th Air Force attacks Kiel with 125 aircraft, destroying 3 U-boats.

1943: SS day is celebrated in Oslo.

1944: French troops in Italy break through the Gustav Line.

monaknox.jpg Mona Knox

1945: U-858 surrenders off Delaware, USA, becoming the first German warship to surrender to U.S. forces after the war ends.

1945: Vienna radio announces the re-establishment of the Austrian Republic. The Anschluss with Germany is declared null and void. British troops occupy the German island of Heligoland in the North Sea.

1945: The Norwegian resistance movement (Milorg) is officially disbanded.

1945: USAAF B29's firebomb Nagoya, the heaviest raid on the Japanese homeland so far, with 3,500 tons of bombs being dropped, which destroys the Mitsubishi works.

How to Ditch a B-17 - Life Magazine- May 1944


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Ja, zhat iz how you Ami's are. Ve Tjermans zee zhings differently. Ve komplete zhis mission und vreturn home. If ve kan nicht vreturn home, ve uze zhe flugzeug az ein veapon und finisch zhe job. Zhat iz vhy ve vin. JA!

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