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* Known Harpoon Classic Issues

Herman Hum

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With the release of the 2009.050 Patch for Harpoon Ultimate Commanders' Edition, these are some of the issues that remain open.

  1. Barges in harbour cannot be torpedoed

    Barges grouped with land facilities cannot be attacked by torpedo even though the vessels are clearly in open water. Attack is possible by SLCM.

  2. CTD choosing ClassID in SE

    SE crashes when setting up ClassID in ViConds

  3. Damage display corrupted [2006]

    After base is damaged by missiles, the Unit display is corrupted.

  4. Doubles selected in unit window

    Two units can be shown as selected at the same time within the Unit display window

  5. Dual BOL windows cause freeze

    Multiple BOL launch windows can be opened, but not closed; thereby causing game to freeze

  6. Group survivors form improper group

    Airfield ACb is destroyed. Ground units grouped with the base now form a group called "DL". Two letter designation for a group is improper. All units should have 3 characters. Also, when DL is selected and all units are detached to a new group, EQr is formed (a proper group).

  7. Ineligible target type

    When ordered to attack a surface group known to contain ships, subs, and aircraft, only subs and aircraft are offered as target types.

  8. Instantaneous torpedo resolution

    Torpedoes fired from submarines to ships 3nm-4nm away hit at once without running the distance. Also, there is no launch/hit animation (if active) and the Ph does seem unrealistic

  9. Keyboard commands missing

    Many keyboard commands listed in either the in-game help function for GE, the in-game help function for SE, or the manual are missing. Also, the keyboard commands listed in the manual do not correspond with the ones available from the in-game help function.

  10. Launch Limbo [2006]

    When aircraft are either launching or landing, if the aircraft in the group are destroyed before the group is fully launched/landed, the aircraft that have not yet launched to / already landed from the group are stranded in limbo either as launching or landing.

  11. Missile turns away

    Incoming Phoenix missile turns away on final approach to target.

  12. No Standoff attack possible

    Sub group ordered to attack carrier group. Elects to attack the sub in the group with Stand-off weapon. However, Weapons Allocation window is blank.

  13. Nuke blast range error

    Nuclear torpedoes fired from submarines to ships 2nm-3nm away hit at once without running the distance. Also, the target ship is not destroyed! (but those in the blast range are)

  14. Patrol zones centred on wrong position

    Formation patrol zones are centred on different positions and not consistent This can cause major problems when trying to add new air or ship patrols.

  15. Patrol zones do not match positions

    Graphic circular display in formation editor does not match ship positions.

  16. VLow SAMs intercept VHigh

    ManPAD SAMs with low level ceiling are launch against aircraft at VHigh while they are crossing targets

  17. Shot down during landing [2005]

    Air Group BJA consisted of four aircraft. BJA is in the process of landing. Two have already landed. One was shot down. The final aircraft in the group is about to be shot down. When it is shot down, the two aircraft already on the ground will be stranded in limbo and listed as Landing, but they will never move out of that phase and are forever lost to the player/AI. This situation is easily replicable for any DB and is definitely not specific to HCDB.

  18. Specific Class not possible in ViConds

    Unable to select the Class category for any type of Victory Condition. Consequently, scenario designers are no longer able to specify individual bases for ViConds.

  19. Sub ignores patrol zone

    Sub ignores assigned formation patrol zone. This problem was first identified by Mark Kratzer.

  20. Units do not move to new patrol zones

    Units do not move to new patrol zones when size of zones is changed

  21. Staff message appears after attack cancelled

    "Effective range is 4nm. Target range is 0nm. Should we close and attack?"

  22. Torps cannot acquire

    Torpedoes never acquire target regardless of which direction and distance they are fired from. Torpedoes do work against other submarine targets. The distance the target is away from its group icon and formation patrol zone may be one possible explanation of this behaviour.

  23. SE unit display button inaccessible

    SE unit display window does not allow use of [D]isplay button after a unit is selected. Hotkey [D] works, though.

  24. Bitching Betty never turns off

    AI warns player to turn on radar. Even after player complies, the same warning repeats ad nauseum.

See also: Bug Tracker

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