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Herman Hum

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A demo for Harpoon Ultimate Edition [HUE] v3.10.1 is now available for download:


This features a restricted set of scenarios, is not capable of multi-player operation, and will expire June 01, 2012

* Known Harpoon [ANW] Issues

A demo also exists for the Harpoon Commanders' Edition:


This demo will expire January 01, 2012

* Known Harpoon Classic Issues

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Thank you! I hadn't noticed the launcher program.

A pity that I don't have any time to play around with this right now....and it look likes a game which you need to put a bit of effort into.

I did try the most basic tutorial, called 'Orientation'. However, the orders for 'USS Lewis B Puller' hadn't arrived after 6 hours of game time. I haven't RTFM though. :)

Anyway, this looks like a game that doesn't require a huge amount of system resources, so a scenario could be run in the background while the PC is used for other tasks. Cool.

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CPU usage all depends on the particular scenario. There are some very simple 1:1 encounters and then there are Monster-Sized ones that have been known to crash even fast computers with hundreds of missiles in the air at a time. But you are right. It may take a bit to get accustomed to the controls, but once you get past your first couple of scenarios, all the commands come second-nature. IMO, it is far less complicated (command-wise) than the simplest flight sim. :)

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I've just watched a couple of Youtube videos showing the game in action and I see what you mean about 'Monster-sized' scenarios.

As I understand it, this game has been in continuous development since Harpoon 3 came out. If that's the case, the developers have to be applauded for not taking the flashy graphics approach. :thumbsup:

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Er, those videos are of the 'med-small' scenario variety. ;)

To their credit, Harpoon has always focused more on function than form. The simple radar displays are pretty much the same as what AEgis battle centres saw.

Here is a game view:


and here is the real thing:


if only they could get their huge list of bugs fixed, this would be an incredible simulation.

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Thanks. Yes, we're spoilt these days with a God type situational awareness in games. The last naval game I played for any length of time was Silent Hunter 3....but always with the camera enabled.

That list of bugs you link to in the first post is last updated May 2008. Has nothing happened since then?

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