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This Day in WWII 2 June 1940 - 1944


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dodgeadjune1944.jpg Dodge Ad - June 1944

1940: 26,200 British and French troops are evacuated from the beaches at Dunkirk today. Virtually all British soldiers have now been evacuated and so the remaining French troops have taken over the defense of the perimeter.

1941: US statement of policy respecting French possessions in the Western Hemisphere.

1941: Hitler and Mussolini meet at the Brenner Pass on the German-Italian border to discuss the progress of the war.

irenehervey.jpg *Irene Hervey

1941: Goring tells the Luftwaffe ‘There is no unconquerable island’. The Ruhr industrial area bombed by RAF.

1941: Vichy publishes anti-Semitic legislation based on German laws. Jews banned from public office.

1941: A Greek government-in-exile is formed in Egypt.

irenehervey4.jpg Irene Hervey

1942: The RAF' launches it's second 1,000 bomber raid (although only 956 took off) and hits Essen, but due to the haze over the city, the results were minimal and the RAF lost 31 aircraft. Nevertheless, Churchill was highly impressed and sanctioned further raids on this scale.

1942: The Germans begin a five day bombardment, using all the artillery at their disposal, including super heavy siege artillery, against Sevastopol in order to soften up the defenses ready for the main assault.

irenehervey3.jpg Irene Hervey

1943: The Red Air Force bombs Kiev and Roslavl, while the Luftwaffe bombs Kursk.

1943: Japanese forces are reported to be in full retreat on Yangtze.

irenehervey5.jpg Irene Hervey

1944: U.S. troops are now only 20 miles from Rome.

1944: The Bulgarian government seeks terms of surrender from the western allies.

1944: The first shuttle raid, operation 'Frantic' is made by 130 B-17s of the US 15th Air Force based at Tripoli. The raid attacks rail yards at Debrecen in Hungary and then flies on to Soviet airfields at Poltava in the Ukraine.

irenehervey2.jpg Irene Hervey

1944: Secret negotiations between the Romanian government of Marshal Antonescu and representatives of the Soviet Union begin in Stockholm, Sweden.

1944: The British 2nd Division begins its advance to relieve Imphal as the Japanese renew attacks on Bishenpur. The Chinese besiege Myitkyina, near the Chinese border in northern Burma.

irenehervey6.jpg Irene Hervey

*Born Beulah Irene Herwick on July 11, 1909 in Venice, California, Irene Hervey began her acting career after being introduced to a casting agent from MGM. After a successful screen test, she was signed by the studio and made her screen debut in the 1933 film "The Stranger's Return", opposite Lionel Barrymore. Though signed by MGM, Hervey was loaned out by the studio and appeared in several films including United Artists' "The Count of Monte Cristo" (1934) and "With Words and Music", released by Grand National Films, Inc..

In 1936, Hervey left MGM and signed with Universal Pictures. While at Universal, Hervey appeared in "The League of Frightened Men" (1937) and "Destry Rides Again" (1939) with Marlene Dietrich and James Stewart.

In 1943, Hervey was seriously injured in a car accident and was forced to retire from acting for five years.

Hervey returned to acting in 1948 with the film "Mickey", followed by "Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid". By the early 1950s, she began appearing in the new medium of the era; television. Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, Hervey appeared in several television shows including "Richard Diamond, Private Detective" (1 episode, 1959), "Peter Gunn" (1 episode, 1961), Perry Mason (3 episodes, 1958-1963), "Hawaiian Eye" (2 episodes, 1961-1962) and "The Twilight Zone" (1964). In 1965, she landed a regular role on "The Young Marrieds", followed by a stint on the short lived series "Honey West" as the titular character's Aunt Meg.

In 1969, Hervey was nominated for an Emmy Award for her appearance on "My Three Sons". After roles in "Cactus Flower" and the 1971 film "Play Misty for Me" with Clint Eastwood, Hervey retired from acting. She took a job working at a travel agency in Sherman Oaks, California and briefly returned to acting in 1978 with a role in "Charlie's Angels". In 1981, she made her last onscreen appearance in the television movie "Goliath Awaits".

As a teenager, Hervey married her first husband William Fenderson in 1929 and had a daughter, Gail, before divorcing. In 1936, she met and married actor Allan Jones. The couple had a son, singer Jack Jones (famous for singing the theme song for the TV Series "The Love Boat"), before divorcing in 1957.

Irene Hervey died on December 20, 1998 of heart failure in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, aged 89.

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