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Campaign: Operation Scimitar


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Oh ....... before I do. Something interesting on the last mission I flew. It was a 4 man strike mission. We went with the default weapon selection which was made up principally of 8 x Mavericks. When we reached IP, wingman 3 and wingman 4 flew in but didn't release any mavs. :angry: I'd lost focus on wingman 2 as I was busy nailing my own static target and then taking out the designated targets "missed" by wingman 2, 3 and 4. After successfully nailing all designated targets, I selected the next WP (WP6), engaged WP autopilot and told my wingmen to form into a card formation. I then decided to miss WP6 and selected WP7, still being in autopilot. I actually made a mistake: I selected WP5 (the designated target WP) only to hear wingman 2 call "IP". :o I corrected my selection (ie. WP7), where by wingman 3 and 4 accompanied me to WP7. But not wingman 2. He proceeded back to WP5, dropped 4 mavs and hit his target (which I had already destroyed :rolleyes: ) and then headed to WP7 to rejoin me.

The question I have: is it understood that by returning an errant AI wingman back to his IP, he will re-engage his designated static target ?


Its just happen again in the Earnest Reprisal Campaign. This time all three wingman went back. :whoa:

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