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Falcon 4.0 BMS 4 Out

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This Sim needs to be optimized for at least 2 cores, my GTX 570 is hardly taxed much at all with BMS, I overclocked card to 900 from 732MHz just to prove a point, shader clock up to 1600, made no difference with BMS, so back to default.

Falcon 4.0 is old. You'd expect it not to be too taxing on current hardware. Try IL2 or LOMAC. That is, the latest version of these FSims. Although IL2 and LOMAC took some grunt. :P

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Well looks like Benchmarksims have done all they can to optimize Falcon, to quote Boxer of Benchmarksims.....

"Falcon4 as a code base was EXCESSIVELY threaded at birth even when intended to run on Win95 which had no SMP support in it at all. The problem with excess of threads in the s/w is that it thrashes OS task management poorly. Worse, there is a ton of global data in the code and that creates locking issues that gobble a ton of potential parallel operations. Worse still, when locking was added it was done by (at best) inexperienced hands it seems so unwinding what is now a mess is for practical purposes impossible. Oh, and we need a halfway decent heap manager that isn't GPL'd or commercial licensed...that might help a lot too; the stock one isn't very good for the kind of scatter gun data structure management that is in the code.

Empirical data gathering shows that Falcon4 gets ~30% improvement for adding a second CPU on top of the first one. Each CPU after that adds less each time up to a point (which is past 32) where adding more CPUs actually slows things down.

Short version: we've done what we reasonably can already"........thanks for that Boxer. :thumbsup:

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This Sim needs to be optimized for at least 2 cores, my GTX 570 is hardly taxed much at all with BMS, I overclocked card to 900 from 732MHz just to prove a point, shader clock up to 1600, made no difference with BMS, so back to default.

Well It was written to take advantage of 2 cores. Now if it is optimised who knows but as you pointed out the BMS did what they could and this is probally as good as it is gonna get..

I am surprised you notice the stuttering at 30-40FPS most guys that is their MAX FPS and they are quite happy with it.. Like I said because of the 3D I use I am limited to 38 FPS and that looks just fine to me..

I would say even if you got more Cores it would probally not be an improvement in FPS.. I too wish these Games used more of the GPU and CPU but alas it is NOT that way..But remember this is still a DX9 game now and the Hardware you have is optimised for DX11..

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Neph I want to manual overclock to 4.5!.....out of time tonight though!, could use the help maybe on TS3?, also looks like the i5 2500k OC'd to 4.5 is one of best gamming CPU's around so thanks for choosing that for me. :thumbsup:

Yes it is really a GOOD CPU for Gaming.. I just suggested you ultimately decided to go with it ;)

Why to 4.5?? is 4.3 not enough?? But I can help you get the CPU to 4.5ghz if you want it is really not that hard..do you have a laptop or 2nd PC you can be on TS3 and have your main pc in BIOS so we can get you OC ..

Well mainly to OC your CPU you go into BIOS and look under Advanced/CPU Config and look for CPU Ratio, you would change the AUTO to 45.. as the FSB is 100 so your Ratio times FSB will be your Core Clock in MHZ 45x100-4500mhz or 4.5GHZ ;)

Once you do that hit F10 and save the changes and boot into windows it should boot NP's.. then once in there run CoreTemp to monitor the temps then run Intel burn test. you will monitor your Temps you should be good until 100C but I would say keep it under 90C. if you feel it is too hi, go back into BIOA and change the Core clock to 44.. and retest..

Since you know it works good at 4.3 now it should be fine at 4.5 plus we will NOT be Increasing your Voltage you may even want to put that on a set value so it does NOT go TOO HIGH!!

You could also turn Off the C1e and other declockers to keep the OC running 24/7 for stability but we can try it with them On..

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Well 4.5 is better for Falcon of course! ;) .......also I think the auto OC might use too much voltage, I would like to have it so it only overclocks when needed though if possible, also I think its dropped memory speed from 1333 to 686.9 MHz?......voltage wise, with an i5 2500k you should not exceed about 1.3-1.4 so I've read?

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Well Looking Good 4.5 if you can get it stable is Fine.. I will do some more experimenting with mine in a bit just wanted to tell you some stuff first...

Yes VOLTAGE is the Killer of a CPU Too uch and Blam. I would say if the Voltage is staying at 1.3 on AUTO FULL titl you should be ok in the past most Mobo's would apply too Much Voltage on auto seems they have curved that a bit..

I currently have my i5 too 4.4ghz if you can run Intel Burn Test for 10 minutes and the CPU stays under 95C you should be fine. You are at 76 max on the 1 core you have Plenty of Headroom..

Some CPU are More Capable then others just depends on the Chip.. Some People have reported getting this Chip Stable at 4.8ghz.. ;)

I would say you could probally bump it to 46-47 and still be good according to yout Current temps.. but then you would nbeed a Voltage Increase probally at that Speed.. But do NOT go over 1.5v.. I would say if you are happy with current state of F4 or if you want a little bit more Juice push it too 4.7 and run Burn Test and seee what you get..

I got mine to 5.0 but was NOT stable it got hot real fast but that wass on Air.. you might be a little bit cooler because of the Water Cooler which will give you some extra headroom..

Tell you what Ill run Burn Test and note my Temps on Air vs your Temps on Water..BRB..

EDIT: the Max Temp on 1 core was getting to 65c.. I am going to try and go higher on my OC to 4.5ghz maybe higher will BRB..

REEDIT: I made it too 4.7ghz Stable Red..max temp on the 1 core was 78c..

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Neph the weird thing with water is that if I'm clocked at 3.30GHz and burn test its max 75/76 temp, same as if I'm clocked at 4.5GHz?, its always max 75/76 during burn test?

Well went to 4.7GHz temp went upto 84!, and voltage past 1.4 big jump in temp for just 200MHz?.........back to 4.5. ;)

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Hey Red when you do that much of an Increase it is BEST to set the CPU Voltage to MANUAL NOT AUTO, You should set it too Manual even now, as sometimes the Auto puts TOO Much Voltage and that increases HEAT..

..Either way I did the same thing it was too high for minimal increase and I am too back at 4.5ghz..

Perhpas If I get the Custom Water Cooled kit I posted some time ago I will attempt it and perhaps try for 5.0GHZ.. ;)

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At 4.5 the AUTO never seems to go above 1.360v, seems to be capped at that, but for 4.7 auto is defo no good.

Good Vid for beginners.. I just wanted to make note that I am running at 1.312v at 4.5.. I would suggest setting the Volts Manually you should get a few degrees cooler if you want. but that is just a suggestion..you should be fine where your at but no point in running Voltage you don't need.. ;)

Seeing how that vid the Guy got 4.7 he did NOT stress Test it BAD Thing too do!! I can get this CPU to 4.7 and above but without STRESS Testing it you will NOT know if you are Running Stable so the guy was a little vague about that..

It is a VERY GOOD Idea toi Stress Test your CPU after OC. that will elminate that some point in the future during Gameplay you will NOT BSOD!!

I am going to try for 4.7ghz again and at 1.355v for the CPU Volts..

I also wanted to note that Watercooling system I planned on buying was a GRADE A System with TOP Perfoming Blocks and Radiators..

I have it posted in the Hardware section..

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Right well I've finally sorted it....the drops I get go no lower than 48ish FPS before overclock, since I'm not keen on been overclocked I stuck this handy little program in the BIN x86 folder of BMS, it limits your FPS to whatever you like so I put a 45 FPS limit on since I never drop lower than that!, the only thing is that the Vsync in BMS game will not work with it so you have to force on Vsync through video card, and now problem solved, constant FPS without overclock, back to stock clocks for me!, fantastic! :thumbsup:

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Hey I was thinking there is a Program Called "Explorer Suite" that allows old 32 bit programs to allow for more memory use..

It may help with BMS..

here is the post from SimHQ:

It's simple and anyone can do it with ease. The easiest way to do that is to go here:


Click on "Download Explorer Suite". Once it's downloaded, install it. Make a backup copy of your game .exe file and put it in a safe place. Then launch "CFF Explorer" in the Explorer Suite in your Windows menu and open your operational game .exe file in the main game folder.

Once you've opened it in "CFF Explorer", in the left pane of the window, click on "File Header". You will now see "Click Here" in the right pane highlighted in blue. Go ahead and click on it.

A dialog will open. You'll see an entry that says, "App can handle >2gb address space". Put a tick mark in that, click "OK", then go up to the File menu and click "Save". You'll be asked if you want to overwrite the original .exe file. Click "Yes" as long as you made that backup copy of the .exe file and put it away.

Your game will now address more than the 2GB of memory allowed in 32-bit (if you have that much memory onboard and a 64-bit system), instant memory boost in-game with attending performance improvement.

This memory boost trick will work with just about any 32-bit app in the 64-bit environment. But make sure you make a backup before you operate on the .exe file. I've found one title (Battlestations Pacific) which does not like it, and won't work afterwards. But everything else I've tried it on was fine. It really made IL2 1946 snap right along, amongst others. I couldn't believe how much faster Silent Hunter 4 loaded as well after the memory surgery on the file header.

If an app is already 64-bit compatible, the tick mark will already be in the box. If so, you don't need to do anything to it.

There ya go! It's like getting free RAM! Y'all can buy me a beer if we bump into each other...

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Hey thanks Neph, I'll buy you a pint of Snakebite sometime, seems to have made a difference. :thumbsup: ......got another problem now, keep getting a crash, something to do with radar GMrender?....do you need to install in a certain compatibility mode or something?.

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No all this does is allow the program to use more then 2gb of memory..

Sorry I did not explain too well..........What I meant was that BMS keeps crashing not the Explorer Suite, nothing to do with the Explorer Suite, BMS crash is none related to that:


0023:04830327 Falcon BMS.exe, RenderGMRadar::DrawBlip()+39 byte(s), e:\wip\bms\svn\source\newrelease\graphics\renderer\gmradar.cpp, line 795+8 byte(s)

Exception handler called in UnhandledExceptionHandler.

Read from location 0x00000008 caused an access violation.

Bytes at CS:EIP: F3 0F 5C 4E 08 F3 0F 10 93 D0 12 00 00 F3 0F 5C

I've no idea whats causing that?

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