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Well I got rid of (actually in the process of) them Yellow Jackets. Got an exterminator over yesterday, and he done put an end to that nest. Good story though.

Randy came by to give me a hand moving some stuff around so that I could get ready for winter. About the same time the exterminator, Bob, shows up. The three of us got over by the west side of the house and I show him were the Yellow Jackets are going in and out of the hole in the siding. He looks and asks if there is a way to get to the back of the nest from the inside of the house. I say sure, but there'll be a load of crap to move around before you can reach it. He says no problem and then goes back to his truck and mixes up some stuff in a hand sprayer.

He puts a real thin, needle-like tip on the end of the sprayer's hose, grabs his tool bag, and off we go.

We get into the room and there's about 20 or so of them SOB's flying around near the windows. He tells me to pay them no mind and we start moving old monitors, boxes of books and the like around so he can get to that wall. When we finally get to it, he reaches into his bag and takes out a stethoscope and a small drill. He puts the scope up to the wall and listens in a few spots and then smiles st me and takes the drill and puts a series of three holes right there. He then takes the sprayer and sticks the tip in each hole spraying inside the wall for about 30 seconds or so, then after that, takes a tube of silicon caulk and fills each hole. Bob then says, "Lets watch from outside" .

We go back down and Randy joins us out on the lawn and the three of us watch the activity from what we thought was a safe distance.

At first it didn't look like anything was going on, the Yellow Jackets are still flying in and out like they normally do, but them a couple of them don't fly out as much as crawl out on to the siding. And them as we watch a whole mess of them come boiling out flying in all directions, mostly down to the deck where they lay there, kicking their feet in the air and trashing around quite a bit. Then, and this is where I say that I thought we were far enough away, come in, one of them suckers comes out of that hole and makes a direct line for Randy, and nails him on the arm. Randy starts swearing a blue streak, waving his arm around, and generally acting like he's in some sort of pain (which he was).

Bob reaches into that bag of his, grabs onto Randy's arm and squirts something on to the site of the sting. Randy stops swearing and yelling looks at his arm and says; "It don't hurt, hat the hell was that?"

Bob simply says "Ammonia". He then proceeds to tell us that Ammonia will neutralize the acid they have in the stinger.

Randy asks, "What if you don't have any handy?".

Bob says, "Then piss on it, or if you can't reach the spot, have someone else piss on it".

And with those words of wisdom, Bob heads out.

So my back account is a little smaller today, and I've got a couple hundred dead wasps to sweep off the deck, but I can now add a new saying to my repertoire:

"I wouldn't piss on him if he fell into a wasp's nest."

Have a nice day.

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Great story, as always :lol:

You always manage to cheer me up with your epic tales of man vs. nature at Casa de Mane. I'd say if you combed these here forums you could come up with enough of your stories to fill a nice little book that you could self-publish and sell in the local gift shops in your neck o' the woods.

Then, too, people who bought your book could say that they've read Joyce.

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Sounds like he read that in the same book I did.

It was Diuretics, by L. Mother Hubbard. The gist of it: whatever bugs you, piss on it! :rofl:

And in case anyone doesn't get the joke... Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard

Forget that junk. The only book that Hubbard ever wrote that worth reading was Battlefield Earth.

And that damn movie was a f#@*ing travesty. Travolta should be ashamed of himself.

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