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Harpoon ANW goes to re-visit the Colombian Navy

Herman Hum

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I am happy to announce that the COTECMAR offices in Cartagena, Colombia, have invited me, between December 3rd and 11th, 2011 to collaborate with the Naval Academy and help the Navy learn how to more proficiently utilize their commercial version of the Harpoon Advanced Naval Warfare v3.9.4 simulator.

After last year’s positive experience, this is actually the second collaboration with COTECMAR. The first time, I was allowed to inform only AGSI about the visit, but this time I got permission from the Colombian Navy to give news about the project.

A customized Colombian edition of the PlayersDB will be used for the simulation activities. I will be in Cartagena, working with COTECMAR, while Vincenzo Beretta will provide any needed logistic support from Italy. As well, MP Server support will be provided by Ryan Anderson in the USA.

I don’t know how much we will be at liberty to report about the project, but if we get permission to share interesting experiences after it is completed, we will do so. Stay tuned!

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Just a short message to let everyone know that everything went very well in Colombia. There was extensive talk about the current state of Harpoon and other games, and plans are already under weigh for future collaboration. All in all, it was a happy experience

This is the main gate of the Escuela Naval [Naval Academy].


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South American Customer Inspires Playable GIS Maps!

South America and Texas, June 15, 2013

A friendly South American country has taken delivery of a six seat H3Milim license. As part of their customization work, Russell Sharp has implemented the capability to turn ESRI Shape file maps into playable coastlines. See the Wiki for more information. This is a H3 MilSim (H3 Pro) only feature of v3.11.


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