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EECH and EEAH $3 each on GoG.com

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Normally I'm not big on posting deals on forums, but if you haven't tried the Enemy Engaged series, now is a really good time to take a chance.

Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche vs. Ka-52 Hokum (EECH) is $3 on Gog.com.

The sim alone lets you fly two helos (Comanche and Hokum) for either side of dynamic campaigns in three theaters (as well as smaller dynamic campaigns called skirmishes), but what you can do with the mods is truly amazing. when combined with Enemy Engaged: AH-64 Apache vs. Mi-24 Havoc (EEAH, also $3 on Gog), you get six theaters and can fly the AH-64D and the Mi-24 as well as the RAH-66 and Ka-52! And this is before the mods!

The developer released the EECH source code a few years ago, and since then a team of modders has given the classic a facelift, additional theaters, additional helicopters (AH-1Z, Mi-24V), and enhanced avionics (in particular the AH-64). You now don't need EEAH to fly those theaters, or to fly the AH-64 or the Mi-28 (though you do need EEAH to see the analog gauges in the Mi-28).

Details of the latest modded EECH version can be found on the SimHQ Forums.

In short, for less than the cost of a burger you can get yourself a great helo sim with a very active development community, near-unlimited replayability, the ability to fly cooperative and head to head in multiplayer dynamic campaigns, and if you don't like it you can always go get yourself a burger and call it even.

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