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Saitek X36F/X35T & Windows 7

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I have a note in to Saitek on this, but while I wait to hear back from them I thought I would see what anyone here might know.

I hope to run my old X36F joystick and X35T HOTAS on my Windows 7 machine. Saitek does not have any software for this hardware on their support site. I did read a post on another forum in which someone said they simply connected them and the drivers were found. I won't have my sticks back from a family member for a while, so I can't just try it. I don't know if the programming software is considered part of the driver, but that would be necessary as well.

If anyone has any info on running these sticks under Windows 7 and/or knows where to get the drivers and software, that would be great.



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