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CH Controls in EECH


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I recently acquired Enemy Engaged (EECH) and it looks interesting. However, I cannot get it to respond to my CH Pro USB Fighterstick, Throttle, and Pedals. Viewing the chopper in external view, the rotors seem to respond to the joystick but the pedal and throttle do not show any input.

The Option Menu is set

Cyclic Roll = Pro Fighterstick USB: X axis

Cyclic Pitch = Pro Fighterstick USB: Y axis

Collective = Pro Throttle USB: X axis

Pedal = Pro Pedals USB: X axis

EO Pan = Keyboard

Eo Pitch = Keyboard

EO Zoom = Keyboard

Joystick Look = Pro Fighterstick USB: Z axis

EECH. Configuration settings

Joysticks and TrackIR]

eopann=-1 # joystick number for EO-camera panning

eopanv=0 # joystick DirectX axis for vertical EO-camera panning

eopanh=0 # joystick DirectX axis for horizontal EO-camera panning

eozoomn=-1 # joystick number for EO-camera zooming

eozoomax=0 # joystick DirectX axis for EO-camera zooming

field_of_viewn=-1 # joystick number for field of view (zoom) of main view

field_of_viewax=5 # joystick DirectX axis for field of view (zoom) of main view

cyclicn=2 # Joystick number for cyclic

cyclich=1 # Joystick DirectX axis for cyclic horizontal

cyclicv=2 # Joystick DirectX axis for cyclic vertical

collectiven=0 # Joystick no. for the collective

collectiveax=1 # Joystick DirectX acis for the collective

ruddern=1 # Joystick no. for the rudder

rudderax=1 # Joystick DirectX axis for the rudder

joylookn=0 # joystick no. used for joystick look

joylookh=2 # joystick DirectX axis used for horizontal joystick look

joylookv=3 # joystick DirectX axis used for vertical joystick look

joylookst=30 # joystick look step (1 = min, 100 = max) (def = 30)

nonlinear-cyclic=1 # use non-linear control for cyclic (less sensitive around center) (0 = off, 1 = on) (def = 1)

nonlinear-pedals=1 # use non-linear control for pedals (less sensitive around center) (0 = off, 1 = on) (def = 1)

nonlinear-collective-zone1=0.3 # non-linear control value for throttle (n = % throttle position joystick to represents 60% collective) (10% = 0.1) (0.0 = off (linear control), 1.0 = max) (def = 0.3)

nonlinear-collective-zone2=0.7 # non-linear control value for throttle (n = % throttle position joystick to represents 100% collective) (10% = 0.1) (0.0 = off (linear control), 1.2 = max) (def = 0.7)

nonlinear-collective-percentage-at-zone1=60.0 # collective percentage at zone1. Valid values are in range from 1.0 to 99.0, default is 60.0.

reverse_pedal=0 # reversed pedal input (0 = off/blue force/USA, 1 = on/red force/Russia) (def = 0)

msl=0 # activates mouselook (and TrackIR when present) (0 = off, 1 = internal, 2 = external, 3 = both) (def = 0)

msls=15 # mouselook speed (when msl=1) (n > 0) (def = 15), POV speed (when msl=0) (n > 0, max = 20) (def = 13)

TIR_6DOF=0 # 6 DoF support for TrackIR (0 = off, 1 = on) (def = 0)

external_trackir=0 # (only when msl=1) external cameras controlled by TrackIR (0 = off, 1 = on) (def = 0)

external_trackir_dir=0 # (only when external_trackir=1) invert external cameras view direction (0 = off, 1 = on) (def = 0)

The controls function without err in other flight simulators

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Everything looks fine in your config file, so I'm not sure what the answer is. Are you running the latest version 1.14.1?

You might also try the EECH forum at SimHQ. The modders who put out the releases post there, so you might be able to get an answer for something that isn't low hanging fruit.

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