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Apache Havoc


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Hello all. I recently found my copy of Apache Havoc, so installed it just fine. The game started up ok, but when I came to actually flying I got very bad FPS. So went back to the menu and selected Primary Graphics and restarted the game but got the same result.

My pc though not top of the range by any means is still quite powerful so shouldnt have any problems running this.

AMD II X4 640 running at stock 3.0ghz

8 gig DDR 2 ram

896mb Nvidia GTX 260 with latest drivers

3 HDD (160, 320 and 1TB)

670 PSU.

Windows 7 64bit

I have also updated the game to 1.1e but to no avail.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but did some frantic searching yesterday and found nothing.

Hope someone can help.


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I'm surprised you got EEAH running in Win7.

If you want a treat, pick up EECH at gog.com and install it, then add the latest version. It will incorporate the helps and campaigns from EEAH as well.

Details of the latest modded EECH version can be found on the SimHQ Forums.

Hey HF,

Was thinking about picking this up. Do you have it running in compat mode in XP?


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