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Eagle & Nephilin

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Many thanks for your assistance in set-up of the router and the brief fly in test. I had a blast!! Looking forward to being the new meat on the BBQ.

Thanks again!

Papa 01, out.

Hey :) Nice to see such enthusiasm! :thumbsup:

Personally I prefer some good chicken curry or a nice steak or a tasty burger, I don't really go for the canibalism thing ;)

But I'll gladly fly CoOp missions and Head2Head dogfighting to keep my skills sharp! You held your ground pretty nicely!

And btw: FLYKOOL was also around after you left, and was also able to get TAW up and running! (edit: it unfortunately crashes his PC after every mission atm... Hopefully that will get resolved soon!) So glad to see activity on the uprise, and I hope to catch you guys around for the fly-ins or whenever else for random flights!

See you around! ^^



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2 Fun missions yesterday, Wed the 22nd, with a twist

Eagle_Flight, Nephilim, Flycool, & the old Hawx'str


We even had a chat with Eugene over TS3. Welcome everyone.

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