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This Day in WWII 11 February 1940 - 1945


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lifesaversadfeb1943.jpg Lifesavers Ad - February 1943

1940: Soviet troops finally breach the Mannerheim line, forcing the Finns to withdraw to a secondary defense line.

susannafoster.jpg *Susanna Foster

1941: Hanover is bombed by the RAF.

1941: British forces advance into Italian Somaliland in East Africa.

1941: Three Stirlings of No. 7 Sqn carry out the first RAF four-engined bomber attack against oil depots in Rotterdam.

susannafoster3.jpg Susanna Foster

1942: The Channel Dash (Operation Cerberus). At 23.00 hours, Admiral Ciliax orders his squadron, which includes the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the cruiser Prinz Eugen, to leave Brest and dash through the English Channel for the safety of Kiel in Germany.

1942: Japanese troops cross the river Salween in Burma. This caused concern for the commander on the 17th Indian Division, Lieutenant General John Smyth, who felt that his troops might be cut off. He urged Burma Army commander, Lieutenant General Hutton to allow him to withdraw across the river Sittang. However, he was ordered to hold firm on the river Bilin.

1024.jpg?md=1328954941000 Green Giant Foods Ad - February 1944

1944: German relief forces are now just 10 mile from the Korsun pocket.

1944: Americans troops at Cassino are relieved by Indian and New Zealand forces. The allies are pushed back to final defence line at Anzio.

1944: The Australians take Rooke Island between Huon and New Britain.

susannafoster6.jpg Susanna Foster

1945: The Red Army the encirclement of the fortress city of Küstrin on the Oder.

1945: The meeting of the President Franklin Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Marshal Joseph Stalin in Yalta, adjourns.

susannafoster5.jpg Susanna Foster

*Susanna Foster was born Suzanne DeLee Flanders Larson on December 6th, 1924 in Chicago. Illinois and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Foster was brought to Hollywood at the age of 12 by MGM, who sent her to school and groomed her for a singing and acting career. Two of her classmates in school were Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. Oddly enough, MGM never used her, and she was signed by Paramount in 1939, where she made "The Great Victor Herbert" (1939). William Randolph Hearst was so impressed with her, after seeing her in that film, that he had her flown out to his mansion for a private recital for him and Marion Davies. She signed with Universal in 1941, and was used basically as leverage against Deanna Durbin, to keep her in line. Reportedly, "Phantom of the Opera" (1943), Susanna's most famous role, was a Durbin reject. As such, her roles kept going downhill, even though she was immensely popular at that time. After "That Night with You" (1945), she'd had it. She made her last film for Universal in 1945, but was still under contract. She went overseas to study voice for three years, paid for by Universal. When she quit Universal in 1948, she sold her mink stole and used the money to move to the east coast, where she eventually met and married Wilbur Evans, who was 20 years her senior. The Evans' did a lot of stage work, doing operettas and musicals of the time, touring quite extensively. In between all of this, Susanna miscarried her first child, but went on to have two sons; Phillip and Michael. Susanna had tired of show business and wanted a more 'normal' life, so when she and Evans divorced in 1956, she quit performing altogether and got jobs to support her and her children. With the children raised (Phillip passed away) she set back out to California, and lived in her car for a while until she got established. Sadly, any dream of making a comeback was hampered by several health problems. Susanna Foster died on January 17th 2009, in Englewood, New Jersey, from heart failure.

susannafoster4.jpg Susanna Foster


Height: 5' 3½" (1.61 m)


Wilbur Evans (23 October 1948 - 1956) (divorced) 2 children

Signed by MGM, she was handed the lead in "National Velvet" (1944), which she declined because there "wasn't any singing in it". This led to MGM's decision to drop her. The role went to young Elizabeth Taylor who became a star as a result.

She abruptly quit the film business in 1945 in order to rescue her two younger teenage sisters from their abusive alcoholic mother. She sold her mink coat and rented Jean Arthur's house for them on the Monterrey peninsula for a time.

Was guest soloist for the White House Press Photographer's Ball with President Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt in attendance.

1024.jpg?md=1328954933000 Coca-Cola Ad - February 1944

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