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This Day in WWII 12 February 1938 - 1945


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1938: Japan refuses to reveal naval data requested by the U.S. and Britain.

adelemara13.jpg *Adele Mara

1940: First deportation of German Jews into occupied Poland.

1940: Germany and Russia agree new trade pact, that provides for the delivery of vital war materials (grains, oil, strategic minerals) by the Russians, in return for German manufactured goods.

1940: Anthony Eden greets the first Australian and New Zealand troops arriving in Suez.


1941: The British foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden and General Sir John Dill, Chief of the Imperial General Staff leave London for a tour of the Balkan capitals in order to try and establish an anti-axis pact. However, Yugoslavia refuses to see them and Turkey refuses their proposals. Only Greece shows and interest.

1941: Again, the Italians make further breakout attempts, which all fail. Later in the day the Italians surrender 20,000 men, 200 guns and 120 tanks to just 3,000 British troops.

1941: Anthony Eden makes a speech parodying Winston Churchills famous 'Battle of Britain' speech. He says "Never has so much been surrendered, by so many, to so few".

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1941: General Gariboldi is the new Italian Army Commander in North Africa.

1941: Erwin Rommel arrives in Tripoli, Libya with a Panzer and Motorized Infantry Division. He assumes command of the Deutsches Africa Korps. Rommel receives assistance from the Fliegerkorps X and long range aircraft from Sicily.

adelemara5.jpg Adele Mara

1941: Churchill congratulates Wavell for his success, and orders him to prepare to help the Greeks.

1941: German planes attack Benghazi, the first action by the Luftwaffe in Africa.

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1942: At 11.00 hours, British aircraft spot the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen as they enter the straits of Dover. At 12.00 hours the British launch MTB attacks against Admiral Ciliax's squadron, but were forced to fire at extreme range and so missed. An hour later at 13.00 hours the British again launch torpedo attacks, this time using six Swordfish aircraft, but five were shot down and all torpedo's missed. At 14.30 hours the battleship Scharnhorst hits a mine off the Dutch coast. The mine inflicts only minor damage and the Scharnhorst is able to continue towards Germany. A short time later the British again launch attacks against the three German ships, this time using destroyers from the port of Harwich and aircraft from both Bomber and Coastal commands, but without success. At 20.35 hours the battleship Gneisenau hits a mine, while at 20.55 hours the Scharnhorst hits its second mine of the day, although both ships are able to continue towards Kiel.

adelemara12.jpg Adele Mara

1943: Rostov is captured by Russians. German troops evacuate Krasnodar and reach the defensive positions in the Kuban bridgehead.

1943: German bombers attacked port of Bari on Adriatic, sinking 16 freighters including an American ship carrying poison mustard gas shells, causing heavy casualties in the port.

1943: Rommel and Von Arnim's forces launch a counter attack against the American 2nd Corps in central Tunisia, forcing them back in some disarray.

adelemara4.jpg Adele Mara

1943: Wingate’s first Chindit guerrilla campaign begins behind the Japanese lines in Burma.

1943: VMF-124 lands on Guadalcanal, becoming the first Corsair squadron deployed for combat.

1944: The Red Army recaptures Luga.

adelemara3.jpg Adele Mara

1945: British and Canadians troops advancing from Southeast Holland take Cleve in western Germany.

1945: Simultaneous announcements in Moscow, London and Washington about the Yalta agreement. Agreement is reached about the allied occupation of Germany, the founding of the United Nations, the "resettlement" of the inhabitants of the eastern German territories to be ceded to Poland and the entry of the Soviet Union into the war against Japan.

1945: Thus far, the Kriegsmarine has evacuated 374,00 German refugees by sea from East and West Prussia.

adelemara.jpg Adele Mara

1945: The British 20th Indian Division crosses the river Irrawaddy Southwest of Mandalay.

1945: Peru declares war against Germany.

adelemara2.jpg Adele Mara

*Adele Mara, was born Adelaide Delgado on April 28 1923 in Highland Park, Michigan, is most famous for her roles in the films "Angel in Exile" (1948) and "Sands of Iwo Jima" (1949) with John Wayne. Spanish-American Adele Mara was a singer/dancer with Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra in Detroit by the age of 15. Cugat took the beautiful, brown-eyed brunette to New York where she was spotted by a Columbia talent scout and signed in 1942. There she played brisk leading ladies in a series of standard, uneventful "B" films including "Vengeance of the West" (1942) with Tex Ritter and "Alias Boston Blackie" (1942) starring Chester Morris. A couple of years later she was transformed into a sexy platinum blonde pin-up after signing up with Republic Studios. She kept herself quite busy there predominantly cast as senorita-types opposite cowboy stars Roy Rogers in "Bells of Rosarita" (1945) and Gene Autry in "Twilight on the Rio Grande" (1947). She was also fetching fodder in crime dramas including "Blackmail" (1947) and "Web of Danger" (1947) and a pleasant diversion in adventure pictures such as "Wake of the Red Witch" (1948) with John Wayne and "The Avengers" (1950). Seldom was she given the chance to prove her acting talents, however, and her film career waned in the early 1950s. Her last screen appearance would be in "The Big Circus" (1959) with Victor Mature. Adele subsequently moved into TV and was featured in a number of guest spots, primarily in westerns.

adelemara6.jpg Adele Mara

She eventually settled down to raise a family after her marriage to TV mogul Roy Huggins who produced many hit shows including "77 Sunset Strip" (1958) and "Maverick" (1957). She would appear as a guest in a number of them. The couple had three sons.

Adele Mara died of natural causes at her home on May 7, 2010 (aged 87) in Pacific Palisades, California.

1024.jpg?md=1329041372000 General Electric Ad - February 1945

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