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Take on Helicopters

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I'm not sure if you guys have tried this, but I just got done playing the demo and I was completely blown away. I was originally drawn to ToH due to the upcoming Hind add-on, but I also used to live fairly close to Seattle (one of the areas modeled). I was a bit skeptical (I had been underwhelmed by the various FS9/FSX addons for the Pacific Northwest), but the photorealistic textures (satellite?) combined with extremely dense objects makes all the difference, and soon enough I found myself trying to land in Seahawk stadium, then laughing when I inevitably died during the attempt. I soon decided that Husky Stadium would be a slightly easier venue (open at one end) and tried my landings there (autohover is for wimps!:rofl:). From there, I took my talents to the space needle, where I hovered level with the observation deck, then landed on a heliport near the space needle (I used autohover for this one :P ). The whole time I was sucked in by the feel of being there. The moving traffic and HDR lighting make a big difference as well.

ToH uses the ArmA II engine, so if you can run A2, you can run ToH with the same level of detail. Even "normal' settings look great; I flew around that way for a couple of hours before I even went to tweak my graphics settings.

I ordered the full version,and I'm waiting for my 14 Gb download now...

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