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Friendly Fire Issues

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Just reinstalled Falcon 4.0 AF and after some time spent refamiliarizing myself with controls and systems I generate a campaign and fly the first Strike on the roster with enough time before departure for a cold start. My target is the main plant of a weapons factory.

The problem is each time I land and power down I'm court martialed for FF. I've saved this campaign just prior to my ramp up and each time I attempt to fly this mission I get the same thing.

I've done fly-bys both before and after the strike visually confirming my target is in fact the target I reconed in the briefing, I have the target's exact coordinates programmed as my "Strike" nav-point in the INS, I have gone weapons view all the way to the target to ensure I'm hitting the target and the debriefing shows 3 hits - damaged and 1 hit - destroyed on my target, so I'm confused.

I've not once had the opportunity to engage bandits on this mission so the only ordinance delivered are the 4 MKs. Anyone ever had friendly ground units dig in inside your primary? Short of something like that, I'm simply NOT killing good guys.

I'm going to go ahead and create a new campaign and see what happens.

Anyone ever experience weirdness like this?

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Thanks for the reply Nephilim and good call. At campaign start, about an hour before my flight leaves, the FLOT appears to be about 5km beyond my target. I've also noticed that my target is virtually surrounded by friendly armor and infantry battalions. So the next question is how do I complete the mission successfully? I've tried flying past the target and circling around in hopes that the friendlies will clear out but number one, they don't secondly, by the time I'm back on target my flight's already taken it out completely.

Is it an automatic fail to hit an enemy target inside the FLOT? Should I take out less valuable targets at the facility? There's an enemy airfield just within visual range from my target. Should I go rain some damage down there? I don't remember ever having to concern myself with friendlies when my bombs are hitting dead nutz on a building.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Well I would suspect the Target in question has been Overrun by NATO forces and is NOW FRiendly and taking it out is causing the FF incident I dont think you are hitting Tanks or something unless you see it in the DeBrief..

I am NOT sure why it is even generating a flight to the Sector if it has been taken by ground troops.. perhaps just a bug in the Campain somewhere.. I would say make sure you see where the Target it compared to the FLOT and if the target is Behind the FLOT try cancelling the mission or do NOT fly it??

I would also ask have you thought about getting BMS 4.32?? it is hands down superior to what AF has to offer.. Basically the SAME GREAT sim ONLY BETTER.. Not sure if that bug would be present in the BMS but who knows maybe they fixed it I will when I get some time try to do that in a BMS Campaign and see if they generate a flight in Friendly overtaken territory..

But if you have a beefy system I would say check out BMS 4.32 it should NOT dissappoint but there will be a learning curve again from AF to BMS 4.32.. But really worth it..

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I think you're right about the target being overrun. It's bugging me that I can pass the target up and it's still hit by my flight - but at this point I'm chaulking it up to a glitch.

I hear what you're saying about BMS. I'ver read a lot about it since finding my AF disc a couple days ago. Honestly, that whole learning curve thing is probably the biggest reason I've not already gotten it. It took me quite some time to get to where I could take off, get weapons on target and land safely in AF. It's the kind of thing where had I not REALLY LOVED realistic sims, I would have given up long before ever even getting off the ground. The thought of starting over or even stepping backward a bit is daunting.

But gimme a minute and I'm sure I'll come around. :)

Thanks again Nephilim.

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Identifying ground targets is very tricky, and I'm still not very good at it myself. If I'm tasked with taking out ground targets close to the FLOT, I make sure I identify major landmarks (such as cities or river bends) near the FLOT. I also use the line function to draw the FLOT on my HSD in pre-flight (during the briefing GUI, at least in BMS. This should be automatic with AF).

Of course, the biggest impediment is that the FLOT may shift during your flight time/wait time. It doesn't hurt to exit out of your wait time with 5 minutes to go in order to double check the FLOT. Of course, if the FLOT shifts, then your waypoint should shift as well (at least in your head, if not in your flightplan as well).

Finally, there is no shame in turning labels on. This may be the only way to learn CAS, at least until you get a feel for how things work.

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Always ask the AWACS for the identification. When the ground target is locked press Q and 2 on the keyboard and listen the answer. If it is an enemy you must heard a clear hot. In case of doubt do not fire... It looks obvious but that what you would do in the real life in case of doubt.

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