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Problem with EAW @ Windows 7

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A noob here, I'm getting some problems while running EAW at Windows 7, it often randomly freezes and crashes, both using Direct3D and Glide. Sometimes it freezes before entering the main menu, but it occurs more often after exiting a mission.

I've followed every instructions as ordered (except that instead of running the setup.exe, I copied the whole disc content to hard disk), and patched it to 1.28e

Any way out? :?

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Try to switch off as many unnnecessary processes as possible, especially automatic updates, many can interfere with the game when it starts from the cache file or from memory as parts can be overwritten even while the game is running. Allways use a freshly rebooted machine, this to prevent other processes from overwriting data residing in memory after subsequent runs.

Have you tried the original game using the 1.26 patch available here:


If necessary use the D3D Windower program and/or a Glidewrapper to get it to work and use the same install procedure as you've used previously.

You can have as many copies of the game on your drive as you like, so no need to abandon your 1.28 install.

Like with Vista, Windows7 doesn't like tampering with installs, run the game as an admin and take full ownership of the entire gamefolder.



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