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If I Had A Second Of Flight For Every Minute Of Nav Alignment...

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When I start a mission from a cold start I can bring up my steer point data in the DED and enter the exact coordinates of a static ground target as my strike point. Unfortunately, when I attempt to fly a mission from take-off the DED does not accept input from the ICP to modify my steer points.

So first off, can anyone tell me what I have to do from take-off to get the DED to accept my changes?

And secondly, will my Nav system be more accurately aligned if I go through the motions and wait until my alignment meter has reached 10 as opposed to flying from take-off where for all I know the AI might simply call it good after 8.0?

And finally, is it even advisable to punch a static target's coordinates in as my strike point? It may sound like a dumb question as it seems to work pretty well, but I only started using this method as an alternative to my dismal failings attempting to use ground radar to acquire targets. Which leads me to another set of issues I'll post in another thread.

Thanks in advance...

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8.0 is fine.

And yes, always assign the target as a waypoint when possible. Saves time finding it, and you wont have to circle around searching, wile getting targeted by sams and aaa.

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