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Ground Radar Target Acquisition

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I've read everything I can find and watched every video out there and I'm drawing a total blank in regard to acquiring ground targets. Home Fries suggested a week ago that I break down and hit that sim switch and bring up the lables. Out of desperation I gave it a try and at least on the mission I'm struggling with, with low cloud cover and targets spread sparsely around an airstrip, it's been no help.

The big issue I'm noticing is that I cannot get the resolution in my left MFD that I'm seeing in the tutorial vids I've watched. At 20,000 and about 10 nm out on the highest resolution I'm seeing what can just barely be recognized as an airfield. I can JUST make out the runway and taxi ways Anywhere in the display where I do see a concentration of radar hits it's exactly that; A concentration or a large white blob which in reality consists of a dozen or so targets and structures including, I've come to find, runway lights. If I attempt to lock onto the blob, I'll get a solid lock, AWACS confirms my target but 9 times out of 10 my bombs fall harmlessly on the runway or between the runway and taxi way or better yet, I find that I've locked one of those lights I mentioned. (I'm pretty sure runway lights and useless dirt have a bounty out on me by now)

The really confusing thing is I'll get a pilot rating of good or better for tilling dirt.

If anyone has knowledge of any resource that might help, please send it this way.


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Seen theese:? http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?5822-Krause-s-BMS-Tutorials

Not the best narrating(no offense tyrespawn), but give the guy a chance, and you will learn something.

He knows a lot about this sim obviously. I learned from this, and now I know how to use the TGP and all the other cool stuff in BMS.

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