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Well, wanna be a backhoe operator? NOT!


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Jean-Claude Gaudin does appear to be French. Whodathunkit? In Marseilles of all places, the mayor is French.

But, yes, Donnie, the surrender came of with only minor hitches. The first Germans they found were two Hamburg hairdressers headed for the wilder side of Marseilles. They refused to accept the surrender and would not give their names. Fortunately, a German Navy Chief on leave from his minesweeper arrived a few minutes later. He was initially unwilling to be the city's conquerer, bound as he was for rest and relaxation on the beaches of southern France. He was beseiged by women desiring to 'collaborate' and did change his mind.

The Chief, one Paul-Paul Paul, is currently residing at an undisclosed hotel with Fifi, Collette, Babbette, and Diane-Diane. He has announced that the city will be returned to French control when his leave ends, citing practical difficulties in governing the ladies from his ship in the Baltic.

CSim News - First with all the facts.

:) OG

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