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Saturday Howdy

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Guten Samstagmorgen mein friendz. It ist zo nize to zee you on zutch ein lovely day. Zhe veazher ist wundervoll, ja? It ist zo nize zhat Ich zhink you schould get up und entjoy it.

Vhake up! Get out of dein bedz you lazy schwine! Get up und get to vork mach schnell! Zhe New Vorld Order® doez nicht hav zhe time for you to lay about. Vork! Vork hardt! Vork hardt or Zhe Emperor vill nicht be pleazed und zhen you vill be zorry!

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Dang! Keep it down will ya? Some of us were trying to sleep.

Oh, well, 63F and overcast, looking for mid-70's, showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow.

Y'all have a great day... except for those Pew Whirl Odor™ guys, you can go stuff yourselves.

And Rutabaga, you need to get a clue before you can even get stuffed.

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The only stuffing that will be done is when the "Dromedary Dentist" stuffs his head up my Camel's rectum to check for explosives. If he blows up, oh well. Dentists are, how do you Infidels say, "a dime a dozen"? Much the same as Portable Toilet scrubbers and garbage men.

NOW GET TO WORK INFIDELS! The New World Order® owns you now, your banks, your land, your women.

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TCat!!!! Long time no see! I can always use a little back up when dealing with vermin. If nothing else, you can help with the body count. :D

You need back up alright. Especially with the women. As for counting, better find someone with an IQ higher than TCat. The Bayou Boy (or is he "The Waterboy") makes Jethro Bodine look like a calculus professor.

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