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Molning Lat Bastalds! The New Wolrd Oldel1024.jpg?md=1331563174000 wishes you goodly day wolking in the mines and fierds!

Now Itchie terl youie Chinese joke...

Top 8 Worst Fortune Cookies Fortunes

8. "What, 3 servings of Moo Shoo Pork weren't enough for you, tubby?"

7. "Your fullness will be short-lived. Like an hour, tops."

6. "Put all your money and jewelry in the egg roll and nobody gets hurt."

5. "Today's dog in alley is tomorrow's moo goo gai pan."

4. "Patron who mocks waiter's accent will unwittingly consume chef's bodily fluids."

3. "Man who look to stale cookie for advice probably make good busboy. Ask waitress for application."

2. "Your strength lies in your continued belief that what you just ate was indeed duck."

1. "Creative Chinese chef without utensils can still find ways to stir soup."


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