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cessing the Planes ini files??

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Hey HomeFries,

WE where talking about getting the FOV fixed for SF2 but you did not tell me what program(s) I need to get the ini files ectracted??

Anything relevant can you Please post here so I can start on this.. I will do the Planes I can but need it for the other stock planes.. Also another Helpless soul has discovered the same problem with the FOV in SF2 with triplescreen..

Would it be ok to share the info you provide me with him.. it is over at the WSGF..

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On the Thirdwire Site, go to the Tools and Utilities page. You will see the CAT extractor for the April 2012 patch. This is what you want. You will need to hunt through the different CAT files (in your Strike Fighters 2 folder you don't otherwise touch) to find the datafiles you need to extract. I recommend extracting them to a folder other than your Strike Fighters 2 folder (I use ...\SF2 Series\Extracted Files) so that you have no chance of corrupting your primary folder.

Check out my reply on the ThirdWire forum; that may be of some help.

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