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SF2 North Atlantic and Windows XP/DX9 - it can be done!

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Looking at this thread on CombatAce, it is possible to run Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic in Windows XP, and by extension it appears that the March 2012 and later patches don't break Windows XP/DX9 compatibility.

Here are the basics. SF2 Europe is used as an example, but any of the SF2 titles other than SF2 NA should work:

  • You will need one of the other titles (e.g. SF2 Europe)
  • Install SF2 NA as part of a merged install with your other title
  • Run your other SF2 EXE (e.g. StrikeFighters2 Europe.exe). You will have access to all aircraft.
  • Install the Iceland terrain in the CombatAce thread (above) into your StrikeFighters2 Europe\Terrains folder

The Iceland terrain listed above uses the old DX9 terrain format, so at this point you should be ok to run the Iceland campaign in Windows XP.

Note: I haven't personally tested this; the information was interpreted from the linked post.

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