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This Day in WWII 24 April 1940 - 1945


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1024.jpg?md=1335261709000 General Electric Ad - April 1943

1940: Commons approves trade agreement with Spain, first since Spanish Civil War.

1940: French reinforcements arrive at Aandalesnes. British troops forced to withdraw north of Trondheim after sharp fighting. Norwegian troops attack the Germans south of Narvik, but are beaten back.

1024.jpg?md=1335261726000 *Nancy Saunders

1941: German forces in Greece break through British positions at Thermopylae and land paratroops on Greek islands in the north-eastern Aegean. The British expeditionary force begins the evacuation of its troops to Egypt and Crete.

1024.jpg?md=1335262265000 Nancy Saunders

1942: The Luftwaffe raids Exeter in the first of Hitler's retaliatory raids, which were soon to become known as the 'Baedeker' raids after the famous guidebook series of that name. A second raid employing 91 aircraft is made against Rostok.

1024.jpg?md=1335262271000 Nancy Saunders

1944: All overseas travel is banned in Britain.

1944: The first B-29 arrives in China, over the Hump of the Himalayas.

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1944: The British force the road to Kohima open.

1944: U.S. troops secure Hollandia and Aitape in New Guinea inflicting 9,000 Japanese casualties, while only suffering 450 dead themselves. Australians troops enter Madang in New Guinea.

1024.jpg?md=1335261739000 Nancy Saunders

1945: The British Second and Canadian First Armies enter Bremen. The U.S. First Army liberates Dachau concentration camp. The US Seventh Army crosses the Danube at Dillingen and captures Ulm.

1945: The Eighth Army captures Ferrara, 30 miles to the Northeast of Bologna and crosses the Po after fierce fighting. The U.S. Fifth Army takes Spezia on the Gulf of Genoa and Modern.

1024.jpg?md=1335262277000 Nancy Saunders

1945: The Japanese Burma Area Army C-in-C leaves Rangoon. The British Fourteenth Army takes Pyinmana in central Burma.

1024.jpg?md=1335261742000 Nancy Saunders

*Nancy Saunders was born on June 29, 1925 in Los Angeles, California. She appeared in over 20 films between 1946 and 1957. The leading lady of six "Durango Kid" Westerns and at least two "Three Stooges" comedy shorts, voluptuous ash-blonde Nancy Saunders came to the screen in 1946 courtesy of RKO talent scout/movie actor Donald Dillaway, who reportedly spotted her dancing at Hollywood's famed Coconut Grove. A former photographer's model and a professional exhibition rider, Saunders was a natural for B-Western fame -- she did a total of eight -- but television audiences are probably better acquainted with her appearances in the Stooges' shorts "Brideless Groom" (1947), as one of Shemp Howard's aggressive would-be brides, and "The Ghost Talks" (1949), as Lady Godiva no less. Footage from these comedies wound up in "Stone Age Romeos" (1955) and "Husbands Beware" (1956), prolonging Saunders' onscreen visibility by about four years.

1024.jpg?md=1335261716000 General Electric Ad - April 1945

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