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35%-60% off Logitech G-series peripherals coupons from Raptr

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Raptr's giving away 35%-60% off discounts on Logitech G-series peripherals as part of its new Raptr Rewards system. I work at Raptr so full disclosure there, but I think this deal is something that many people would be legitimately interested in.

Full details at the links below -- you have to have played at least one of a long list of very popular games to qualify, which most people probably have. It's pretty simple: Play games, earn rewards!

35% off discount: http://raptr.com/rewards/logitech-g-series

60% off discount: http://raptr.com/rewards/logitech-modern-warfare-3

Valid in the US only.

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Hi Moosh,

I'm a Raptr user myself and love it. You may have noticed that we have a fairly active Total Air War forum here, and some of us use Raptr as well.

Raptr does have Total Air War 2.0 listed in its games (thanks for that one, BTW), but no in-game detection or multiplayer joining. TAW uses directplay 5, so how hard is it to make the game auto detect and auto-join? In order to make it work, you'd have the help of all the guys on the forum.


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