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Fictional A-6 Skins; @Wombat, prepare to be gobsmacked!

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I recently did a fictional Israeli Defense Force A-6 skin after seeing some concept art, which got me thinking how cool it would be to have the Intruder in the Yom Kippur war.


Once I finished that, I saw some concept art for USAF, RAAF, and RN FAA A-6 skins. I've completed the USAF skin (sacrilege, I know...) and three of the RAAF skins. I figured you would (pardon the pun) go Batty over the RAAF skins. All use the 2nd Squadron.


Night variant (flat black bottom) based on the aforementioned concept art.


Another shot from a different angle.


Here's a skin with the white underbelly, which is more akin to the RAAF F-4 Phantom II schemes of the era.


A shot of both Southeast Asia camo patterns.

And finally, this pattern was based on a color scheme I saw for the F-111. I thought it would make a nice tropical scheme.


This also has night colors. I haven't decided whether the other version will have a white or gunship grey underside.

Any suggestions you have would be quite welcome as well.

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Once I finished that, I saw some concept art for USAF, RAAF, and RN FAA A-6 skins. I've completed the USAF skin (sacrilege, I know...) and three of the RAAF skins. I figured you would (pardon the pun) go Batty over the RAAF skins. All use the 2nd Squadron.


I'm torn between here and TAW2.22betas. :lol: My mind is so slow I'm just not able to multitask. :rolleyes: Nice job HF. :thumbsup: I have SF2Europe d/l and installed. Might give the mods away until I've got familiar with the vanilla version.

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Hit me up on Raptr when you're online. I don't think you can use the A-6 with SF2E alone, but since you have WoV you might be able to import that LOD to make it work. It will at least hook you up with a working cockpit.

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My latest update, along with back story (the pack is close to release):

When the RAAF was evaluating the replacement aircraft for the Canberra, they eventually settled on the F-111. It is well known that the initial F-111 airframes for Australia had issues off the line, which is why the RAAF used the F-4 Phantom as a stop-gap measure.

Along with the F-4, one of the aircraft evaluated in competition with the F-111 was the A-6 Intruder. What if the RAAF decided to forego the troubled (at the time) F-111 and augment its force of F-4 phantoms with the A-6 as its all-weather, deep strike patform?

Here are some thoughts:

The A-6A with Second Squadron, as it would have replaced the Canberra in Vietnam. This is the Southeast Asia pattern favored by the USAF (matching the RAAF Phantoms), though with the RAAF Sky Grey belly. You'll note that I have used the serial numbers of the F-111s exported to Australia.


Here's the standard RAAF Sky blue/light green pattern:


Here's an update to the Tropical Camo; if anybody can provide me with the proper nomenclature, I would greatly appreciate it.


The following screenshots are a slightly more updated version of the skins displayed above. Please note that in each of the screenshots, I have included 1st and 6th Squadron custom logos, which will be added to Squadronlist.ini (along with the other squadrons in the Mirage III DLC).

I've reduced the roundel size to 1.0 on the A-6E and TRAM models. I may keep the A-6A at 1.4 to suit the early similarity with the USA schemes. Here's the updated Sky/Sea blue scheme with grey underside markings.


I've also substituted the standard roundels and fin flashes with the low visibility color versions on the nightfighter schemes.


I've also added a 1990s Sea Grey low visibility scheme.


And moved the low visibility squadron markings to the European camo as well.


Finally, I added the ARDU scheme on request. I hope I did it justice.


And now, my questions (in order to make this what-if as accurate as possible):

You'll notice that on the A-6E the roundel is on the rear fuselage, as opposed to the front fuselage by the intake on the A-6A. I have seen both, and I am wondering if there is any rationale for where the roundel is located. I have been unable to find any information, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, what are the years the Tropical Camo was in use. I know the picture I saw was 1981, so I would like boundaries on the timeframe. Finally, when did the RAAF stop using the Aussie Flag and fin flash on the tail of their aircraft?

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