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A couple of questions

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1) All the Mig-21 mods no longer show up in my aircraft list, why is that?

2) How do I install this mod? It gives the tower view textures and other stuff. I don't get what the ReadMe is asking for

Updated Tower.

place in GermanyCE terrain folder overwrite old LOD.

Replace the Towerview entry with this to the Viewlist.ini

or just copy the >  Position= < line.









PositionOffsets=-1.27,-0.97,9.754    < line to add

Then watch your flight take off from your snug tower.


March 2012

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I like your questions Rad. Sought of thing I would be asking if I was installing all the Mods. :thumbsup:

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haha after 4 days I still have no answer

Home Fries?

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Sorry...been busy modding prowlers (screenshots to come).

Aircraft not showing up in the flyable list can be due to a number of things, but it usually comes down to either the cockpit.ini file or the aircraft.ini file. Be sure to check the folder for your particular aircraft in Objects\Aircraft.

Quite simply, if the aircraft.ini file (e.g. Mig21.ini) doesn't have a CockpitDataFile=[xxx]_COCKPIT.INI, where [xxx] might be Mig_21, then the plane will not be flyable. Likewise, if the referenced cockpit datafile doesn't exist in the same folder, then the plane will not be flyable.

Did your MiG-21s go away after applying the May patch? If so, it is likely that the patch reverted the aircraft.ini files to their original setting (no CockpitDataFile= line). If so, just put these back in and you'll be good to go.

As for the tower, this involves edits to your terrain datafiles. You may need to extract viewlist.ini from your GermanyCE.dat file, drop into Terrains\GermanyCE, and make the edits listed. Likewise, drop the LOD file into Terrains\GermanyCE.

EDIT: One more thing: CombatAce (where you likely downloaded the file) is also the best place for technical support. There are many people there much more knowledgeable about SF than myself, and Russouk (the guy who did the tower) is also an active member there.

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