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Map Symbols in ANW.


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Hi shipmates.

This is my first post so please don't laugh if I seem like a complete moron. The thing is that I cant find out what the little "N" symbol means on some of my "Sub" units. I know what the "x"and"g" symbols mean but not the "N". Also some of my aircraft on patrol missions seem to circle around one spot and the unit status window declares that they are waiting. Waiting for what?

Help would be gratefully received thanks.

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The 'N' symbol you are seeing is what the game shows that it cannot plot a path to the selected destination.


For example, your unit may be trying to find a way around islands or the destination is impossible (i.e. subs moving onto land).

You can take a screenshot with the Alt+F1 function within the game. This helps clarify your situation.

You are not presenting sufficient information regarding the patrol aircraft. It would help to specify which aircraft, what scenario, database, and game version you are using. Also, was the aircraft on a Formation Air Patrol or was it given an AI mission?

Near as I can guess from your description, aircraft controlled by the AI will act in stages. For example, an ASW aircraft assigned to an ASW area patrol will lay a string of sonobuoys then sit and wait awhile to monitor them before moving to another position to lay a new string of sonobuoys.

Welcome aboard, shipmate. :)

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