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Screwed up controls?

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after updates/patches all the controls are messed up. when I try to change them back and accept new controls, then go to fly they get messed up again. Some of the controls aren't even displayed correctly such as when I press "M" it activates ECM even though on the controls it says it's my "Toggle Radar". I also tried using my controls I had backed up before updates, and they are screwy too. I was even desperate enough to manually make a new INI file in my controls folder, and that doesn't work.

What's wrong?

I hope I can get this fixed before my new TrackIR comes in

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nevermind, reinstalled. BUT For some reason, my guns won't fire on any planes. I got it to fire when I had the simulation difficulty on easy though. Is there anything here that would prevent me from firing my guns?


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